½ (Berkshire) Pig Package - already cut, wrapped & frozen (80lbs. Cut Weight)

Berkshire meat is elegant, luscious and smooth. Because of the excellent muscle quality of Berkshire pigs, consumers experience pork that is superior in taste and eating qualities when compared to most other breeds. The streaks of fat that run through Berkshire meat gives it a round and buttery flavor that melts on the tongue. The firm and substantial texture of Berkshire meat was so cherished by the British monarchy that they exported the breed all over the world, including Japan where it is called "Kurobuta" meaning "black pig".

Our pork half contains approximately the following items:

  • 13lbs. Pork chops 1
  • 3lbs. Spare ribs
  • 15lbs. Sausage meat in 1 lb packages
  • 15lbs. Fresh Smoked Ham slices
  • 10lbs. Fresh Smoked Bacon Slice
  • 10lbs. Shoulder Roast
  • 4lbs. Butt Pork Roast
  • 5lbs. Ham ends
  • 5lbs. Fat, you can render this or feed it to dogs or chickens
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